Tuesday, 24 August 2010, Vice prime-minister, Minister of Economy Mr. Valeriu Lazar together with the Vice minister of Transportation and Road Infrastructure, Boris Gherasim, has visited Giurgiulesti International Free Port. Their visit was part of Mr. Lazar’s business visit to the economic zones in the southern part of the country. During their stay, there was organized a round table discussion together with the port administration, representatives of Cahul customs office, the Harbour master and representatives of state railway. The main topics on the agenda were the development of the industrial park of the port, the status of the ongoing construction of the general cargo and container terminal and issues related to the port’s co-operation with various state bodies.

After that the administration organized a tour on the construction site where the guests were familiarized with the most modern and advanced construction equipment and technologies. “The construction work is in full swing and I saw the utilization of the he most advanced international technologies here in Moldova” stated Mr. Lazar.

The port is picking up in its dynamics, and more and more business people realize its beneficial impact on businesses and for the country in general. “As dynamics, this project is more successful compared to the ones close by, also from Ukraine and Romania” summed up the vice prime-minister, Minister of Economy, Valeriu Lazar.

The chairman of EASEUR HOLDING BV, the main shareholder of DANUBE LOGISTICS SRL, Mr. Thomas Moser stated for the press the reason why he invested in this project is because I believe in the substantial economic growth potential of the Republic of Moldova. The activity of the port is increasing substantially. As of today we transshipped already 185,000 metric tones this year, a number that is 2.3 times greater then the total volumes for year 2009.

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Presenting Opportunities for Gagauzian Companies at the Invest Gagauzia 2019 Forum

On 9 November 2019 Danube Logistics Srl was invited at Invest Gagauzia 2019, the V — International Investment Forum of Gagauzia. General Director Dr. Mathias von Tucher presented the activities and future plans of the Giurgiulesti International Free Port and highlighted the opportunities for both Gagauzia and the port. Mathias von Tucher was honored having the opportunity to discuss the development potentials with Bashkan Irina Vlah personally.


Already today there are many companies from Gagauzia using the Giurgiulesti International Free Port as gateway to international markets. To the main Gagauzian clients belong exporters of grain and exporters of wine as well as importers of raw materials for the manufacture of various products such as fiberglass and tiles and importers of finished products such as tires.


The M3 road connection between Gagauzia and the port is currently under rehabilitation and certain sections will be built completely newly. After planned finalization in 2020/2021 the new road will shorten the distance and enhance the transport conditions resulting in increased transport volumes.


Mathias von Tucher informed the participants about the planned expansion of the general cargo terminal. Companies that are interested to transship their cargo via the expanded terminal can request additional information from Danube Logistics SRL’s office in Chisinau.

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Danube Logistics SRL plans to double the capacity of its dry cargo terminal at Giurgiulesti International Free Port

Danube Logistics SRL plans to expand the capacity of its dry cargo terminal to about 1.5 million tons per annum. Mathias von Tucher, the general director of Danube Logistics SRL, discussed the company’s investments plans with the Minister for Economy and Infrastructure Vadim Brinzan during his joint visit of Giurgiulesti International Free Port with the Ambassador of the USA, Derek J Hogan.

The expansion measures will be implemented over a period of three years and will include the purchase of additional equipment as well as the construction of an additional berth with a minimum water depth of 7m. The additional investments of about USD 10m in its open-access dry cargo terminal will enable Danube Logistics SRL to accommodate the increasing demand for the transshipment of grain, fertilizer, coal, steel products, construction material and other dry cargo. Companies that are interested to transship their cargo via the expanded terminal can request additional information from Danube Logistics SRL’s office in Chisinau.

In 2018 transshipments via Giurgiulesti International Free Port reached for the first time more than one million tons, which facilitated imports from 33 countries and exports to 53 countries. Danube Logistics SRL is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Dutch company Danube Logistics Holding BV, which shares the economic interests related to its shareholding in Danube Logistics SRL with the EBRD. Danube Logistics SRL is the largest investor in Giurgiulesti International Free Port investing in liquid and dry cargo terminals as well as in the development of the port’s business park.

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On 22nd of July 2019 the General Director of Danube Logistics, Mathias von Tucher, presented the Giurgiulesti International Free Port (GIFP) to a delegation from Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce and from the port of Tianjin as well as to representatives of the Chinese Embassy in Moldova. GIFP plays a vital role for the trade relations between Moldova and China and the business park is an interesting location for Chinese investors. In addition Danube Logistics already has an excellent long-term cooperation with the Chinese Cosco shipping lines.

The event was organized by the Moldova-China Chamber of Commerce (MCCC) represented by its President Victor Durlesteanu. It was the first event following the recent conclusion of a Memorandum of Understanding between Danube Logistics and MCCC.

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