Tuesday, 24 August 2010, Vice prime-minister, Minister of Economy Mr. Valeriu Lazar together with the Vice minister of Transportation and Road Infrastructure, Boris Gherasim, has visited Giurgiulesti International Free Port. Their visit was part of Mr. Lazar’s business visit to the economic zones in the southern part of the country. During their stay, there was organized a round table discussion together with the port administration, representatives of Cahul customs office, the Harbour master and representatives of state railway. The main topics on the agenda were the development of the industrial park of the port, the status of the ongoing construction of the general cargo and container terminal and issues related to the port’s co-operation with various state bodies.

After that the administration organized a tour on the construction site where the guests were familiarized with the most modern and advanced construction equipment and technologies. “The construction work is in full swing and I saw the utilization of the he most advanced international technologies here in Moldova” stated Mr. Lazar.

The port is picking up in its dynamics, and more and more business people realize its beneficial impact on businesses and for the country in general. “As dynamics, this project is more successful compared to the ones close by, also from Ukraine and Romania” summed up the vice prime-minister, Minister of Economy, Valeriu Lazar.

The chairman of EASEUR HOLDING BV, the main shareholder of DANUBE LOGISTICS SRL, Mr. Thomas Moser stated for the press the reason why he invested in this project is because I believe in the substantial economic growth potential of the Republic of Moldova. The activity of the port is increasing substantially. As of today we transshipped already 185,000 metric tones this year, a number that is 2.3 times greater then the total volumes for year 2009.

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Danube Logistics acquired a high capacity Fuchs material handler in order to expand the transshipment capacities of Giurgiulesti International Free Port.


The machine is equipped with various grabs and consequently can handle a wide range of different cargo including dry bulk such as gravel, sand, coal, various sorts of grain, general cargo such as big bags, and in addition new cargo categories such as scrap metal and larger stones.


With this material handler the transshipment capacity of the existing general cargo terminal will be increased, the product range of port services will be expanded and the operational flexibility will be enhanced. Clients are invited to contact us for more details.

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For now four years Danube Logistics releases the annual Carbon Footprint Report developed in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The newest Carbon Footprint Report sumps up and analyses the CO2 and CO2 equivalent emissions (CO2e) resulting from last year’s business activities of Danube Logistics at the premises of Giurgiulesti International Free Port.


In 2019 the CO2e emissions per ton of cargo transshipped decreased for the fourth consecutive year in total by 14%. This decrease reflects the increasing transshipment volumes allowing a more emission efficient use of port facilities and port equipment. At the same the introduction of energy efficient measures, mainly the switch from conventional to LED based lighting technology, caused the reduction of electricity related emissions. Danube Logistics will continue to strive for further optimization and reduction of CO2e emissions.

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Giurgiulesti International Free Port continues to support Moldova’s international trade during the Coronavirus Pandemic

While following the recommended health and safety measures Danube Logistics SRL continues to operate Giurgiulesti International Free Port and its weekly container feeder service to Constanta South Container Terminal. Mathias von Tucher, the General Director of Danube Logistics SRL stated: “We continue to support the international trade of Moldovan companies during this challenging time. The unobstructed shipment of goods by maritime and river vessels is now more important than ever as trucking companies experience significant delays at international border crossings. In order to minimize the risk associated with the coronavirus pandemic we operate Giurgiulesti International Free Port strictly according to the recommendations of the Government and of the World Health Organization.”

In 2019 Giurgiulesti International Free Port facilitated the export of primarily agricultural products to 44 different countries and the import of oil products, coal, fertilizer, construction material and other goods from 27 countries.

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On 23 January 2020 the Prime Minister of the Rep. of Moldova, Ion Chicu, together with a delegation of government representatives visited Giurgiulesti International Free Port. General Director Mathias von Tucher and Deputy General Director Ala Aydov presented the positive development of port activities and the increase of annual transshipment volumes up to almost 1.1m tons of cargo last year.


The management had the opportunity to discuss with the Prime Minister in-depth the challenges of further development of the port and to explain the future expansion plans which include the construction of a new multi-purpose dry and general cargo berth that allows for calling of vessels with the maximum draft permissible on the Danube river. During the site tour the Prime Minister also discussed with representatives of Danube Oil Company and ProGrain Organic, both of them being residents of the Giurgiulesti International Free Port area.


Danube Logistics SRL is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Dutch company Danube Logistics Holding BV, while the economic interests associated with Danube Logistics Holding BV’s shareholding in Danube Logistics SRL are shared with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

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