On Monday, 13 of June, the Danube cruise liner “Anisha” moored at the passenger terminal of Giurgiulesti port.  Aboard the cruise liner were more than 180 mostly German tourists as well as a team of journalists of Germany’s national TV station ARD.  During their stay in Giurgiulesti the journalists visited Giurgiulesti International Free Port (GIFP) and conducted an interview with Thomas Moser, the general director of Danube Logistics SRL which operates GIFP.  

The journalists witnessed the loading of Moldovan wine into sea containers, inspected Danube Logistics’ container vessel and discussed with Thomas Moser the future development plans of the port as well as the strategic importance of the port for the export of Moldovan goods to international markets. Last year Danube Logistics facilitated the export of Moldovan goods to more than 40 countries via GIFP. With the direct access to international waters on the maritime section of the river Danube, its access to the broad- and narrow-gauge railway systems as well as its location directly on the border with Romania and Ukraine, GIFP continues to develop as an important logistics hub for Moldova and the region.